Jungle Crows Foundation


We live and love our rugby from the world's only "City of Joy" - Kolkata.

Action from Crow Field - rugby in the very heart of Kolkata!

Action from Crow Field - rugby in the very heart of Kolkata!


The Jungle Crows

In 2004 three friends - John, Gary and Paul found themselves living and working in Kolkata. They were keen on rugby, but had never considered Kolkata to be much of a rugby city. 

However, after living in the city for some time they came to realise that Kolkata was a sports mad place, whether it was cricket (obviously), football, golf, horse racing, polo, squash...well the list was endless and tucked away amidst all this sporting craziness was rugby.

So what better way to enjoy life than start their own little rugby club - the Jungle Crows. With no ambition whatsoever other than to have a bit of fun, the journey began. Soon joining their mates on the maidan were a super bunch of young people who increasingly became obsessed with the crazy egg shaped ball. And as these kids became obsessed with the game so John, Gary and Paul became drawn into the lives of these young people.

Today John and Gary have moved on with their families and careers, but Paul is still in Kolkata throwing a ball around, figuring out how to get a youngster a job, support a community build a playground, encouraging a child to stay in school.

It's fun, it's Growing Up With Rugby!

The whole point of rugby is that it is, first and foremost a state of mind, a spirit
— J P Rives