Jungle Crows Foundation

Vision and Values

Reaching Our Potential

Our mission is to reach out to underserved children and young people through rugby. Introduce rugby as a catalyst for achievement. Motivate, inspire and be a positive influence.  


We operate with the ethos: nothing for us without us - so listening to and empowering young people is a very important part of our work.

We consider the core values of the Jungle Crows Foundation to be:

Passion: for the sport we play and the children and young people we support.

Integrity: consistent support in a positive and honest manner with those we are working with.

Commitment: to those that want to change and grow with the Jungle Crows.

We are also passionate about the values of rugby: integrity, respect, solidarity, passion and discipline. We work with those that play with us to help them to understand what these values mean and how to make them a part of every day life. These aren't always easy concepts for youngsters to grasp, even us adults can struggle with what they mean. But by taking a practical approach and referencing the values in our day to day work we can all achieve more.