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Jungle Crows Scholarships

Jungle Crows Scholarships

We deliver a range of scholarship opportunities to the young people that play rugby with us. These range from small micro scholarships to enable a child to stay in school to bigger scholarships that can cover university and living costs.

Early on in our experience we realised we could make a major difference for a young person if they were able to stay in school, go to college and achieve to their maximum in terms of education. Often a child would disappear from practice because they had started some menial work to support their family. We observed that a small scholarship paid each month to cover educational costs could make the difference between a child staying in school or not. When it came to taking board exams at class ten there was a high level of failure, most of the children we play with in Khelo Rugby go to government schools and often the level of teaching in the school was not of a standard to pass exams. Often a scholarship will go towards paying tuition for children to help them in getting through board exams at class ten and class twelve.

Going on to study at college or university is beyond many children’s aspirations. A scholarship to cover university fees can make this ambition possible.

We deliver more than 100 scholarships which a young person has to apply for through their community coach, supported by their parents where possible.

  • A donation of £10/Rs1000 - is the average monthly scholarship for a student of class 10, this will pay for tuitions and school fees

  • A donation of £15/Rs1500 - this will support a youngster sitting for their class 12 exams (A levels) where the required tuitions increase

  • A donation of £50/Rs5000 - this is the monthly fees for a young person in a private college studying for a degree

You can help us to keep supporting these and more children with a regular donation.

For international donations regular giving can be set up quickly online through our UK based charity Rugby Uncle - we receive 100% of all donations.

For donations in India it is very easy to set up a standing order direct from your bank account to that of the Jungle Crows, please contact us for details of our bank account to set this up.

One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world
— Malala Yousafzai